What Happens When You Focus On You?

Focus On You Strategy is the solution to getting unstuck in your career and business. We help bring out the CEO in you so you can:

Shift your thinking: Have “aha” moments that unveil your passions and potential

Set and pursue meaningful goals: Don’t let distractions hinder your success

Be more confident: Make greater strides faster

Know your worth: Stop giving it away for free

Follow the money: Earn more in your career and build a more profitable business

Delegate like a CEO: CEOs don’t do it all themselves


In our efficient one-hour weekly meetings, we share personalized, judgment-free guidance and high-quality strategies

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We moderate workshops with groups of people to tap into collective experience and share expertise in a variety of fields and industries

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We speak to large groups to educate and inspire growth in careers and businesses

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We work with corporate sales teams and nonprofit development teams to increase revenues and donations

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“Focus on You Strategy will help you know your business goal and how to accomplish it. Juliann’s straight-up approach to what you need to do and why you need to do it now will make you ask why you didn’t sign with her sooner!”

~Nicole Carver, owner of Carver Concierge