Client Testimonials

Tracee S. Brock

“Juliann’s unique approach to help you to focus on the CEO in you has helped me become more effective in all areas of my life. She tailored our meetings around my individual needs, and this has resulted in outstanding results, at home and in business. I work for a company, and have had some struggles that Juliann was able to assist me with because of her incredible business background. I value our time together immensely. If you are ready to accept intelligent, effective, constructive feedback, then make sure you meet with Juliann immediately and you will see positive results.”

Tracee S. BrockVP Business Banker
Noelle Fox

“One of the things I value most about working with Juliann is her ability to ask great questions that get me thinking about things I haven’t considered, or thinking about things in different ways. Regularly meeting with her keeps me accountable for continuing to make progress on growing my business and less likely to veer off in directions that won’t get me to that goal. She’s a great listener and offers insightful perspective and practical advice. In the couple of months that I have been working with her, I feel more inspired, focused and confident in my abilities as an entrepreneur.”

Noelle FoxPresident of True Blue Communications
Ros Miller

“Juliann helped me realize that I needed to treat Jillian’s Dream, a new nonprofit initiative, as a business in order for the organization to be successful and grow. Since I’ve been working with Focus On You Strategy, I’m more confident, I don’t take things so personally and I’m able to emotionally detach from the organization, which was founded in the memory of my daughter. I’m now more organized and more confident that I have the capabilities to run a successful organization. Juliann is nonjudgmental, encouraging and upbeat. She is a terrific sounding board, coach and mentor. She’s helped open my eyes to all the possibilities and potential.”

Ros MillerPresident & Co-Founder of Jillian’s Dream
Laraine Chulla

“I’ve been struggling to reinvent myself as an entrepreneur in an industry that has been very demanding with little reward. Juliann made me look deep inside to find that I’m really good at what I do and should focus on my strengths, only this time as the CEO of my own company. Since Juliann has had me focus on ‘following the money’ in the area where I’ve developed an incredibly positive reputation over 15 years, I have reconnected to my roots and have been succeeding at earning new projects. The industry I was trying so hard to get away from was actually the one I’m best at! Juliann’s unbiased look at what I had to offer, and who would benefit, was extremely insightful. I am now following the money with amazing success. I’m forever indebted to Juliann for her expertise and wisdom.”

Laraine ChullaCEO of Chulla and Associates
Jane Valliere

“Spending a short time with Juliann helped me to put things straight in my mind. She asked questions that made me look at things from the perspective of a CEO and focus on what was important. She did not tell me what I needed to do, but guided me in discovering for myself how I should move forward. Once I had it clear in my mind, I had confidence to do what I needed to do.”

Jane ValliereBank Manager
Mary Waugh

“Juliann challenges me to see through the fluff and distractions that prevent me from focusing on things that will benefit the growth of my business. Her questions are to-the-point and helped me shift my thinking about how I see myself as a business owner.”

Mary WaughPersonal Trainer

“Focus on You Strategy will help you know your business goal and how to accomplish it. Juliann’s straight-up approach to what you need to do and why you need to do it now will make you ask why you didn’t sign with her sooner!”

Nicole CarverOwner of Carver Concierge

“Juliann does a great job at helping her clients see what they are really great at, and helping them believe it for themselves! Then she helps take them to the next step of making it a reality. What a true professional! I highly recommend her services to anyone in transition.”

Carrie J.Marketing Professional