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The leaders at Focus On You Strategy host and moderate interactive group workshops. In this comfortable format, participants not only have the benefit of gaining feedback from the Focus On You Strategy coach – they also tap into the collective experiences and advice of the group.

Attendees leave group workshops with greater focus, problem-solving ideas and renewed energy for their careers and businesses.

“The CEO Exchange is an information/resource exchange between experienced professionals seeking sound feedback on their personal business affairs. A perfect environment for pitching ideas, issues or projects to a group of engaged listeners ready to respond with real life experience.  Examples of topics I have personally pitched are employee issues, marketing ideas, writing my book and work life balance struggles. As a wife, mother of two small children and Executive level leadership / owner of 3 brands my time is my most valuable asset.  I can wholeheartedly say that this exchange is time well spent.”

Karen Gillman, On Point Executive Centre / Charity Chics / After the Band

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