At Focus On You Strategy, “follow the money” is one of our mantras. In order for an organization to be successful, money has to keep coming in. That’s just as true for corporations as it is for nonprofits.

Our corporate and nonprofit consulting helps corporate sales teams and nonprofit development teams increase revenues and donations.

We help these teams grasp the critical aspects of securing new business and donors/sponsors:

  • Clarifying messages – Clearly express why your prospect should pick your organization over another
  • Focusing on “the why and the results” – Make a compelling case for why your prospect needs what you are offering and the results they can expect
  • Developing sales and development strategies – Develop action items to identify and connect with prospects, and close deals

Improving internal communications issues – Work through issues among the team and organization that may be hindering success


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“Juliann helped me realize that I needed to treat Jillian’s Dream, a new nonprofit initiative, as a business in order for the organization to be successful and grow. Since I’ve been working with Focus On You Strategy, I’m more confident, I don’t take things so personally and I’m able to emotionally detach from the organization, which was founded in the memory of my daughter. I’m now more organized and more confident that I have the capabilities to run a successful organization. Juliann is nonjudgmental, encouraging and upbeat. She is a terrific sounding board, coach and mentor. She’s helped open my eyes to all the possibilities and potential.”

Ros Miller President & Co-Founder of Jillian’s Dream


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