Focus On YOU Strategy, LLC started in the Greater Philadelphia area ten years ago when the recession hit. People were coming to me asking for advice. It occurred to me that I had knowledge I could share with others to help them through a difficult time. I returned to my roots in Kansas City and then to Florida and discovered the same knowledge was needed wherever I went, and not just during the recession. People were always “stuck” or needed some guidance on how to move their businesses or careers forward. People need to focus on themselves first and get in CEO mindset so they can then help others and their business. We have clients all over the world and provide help with our CEO Mindset Class, One-on-One Strategy Sessions and Workshops. The need for those services grew to create the Focus on Entrepreneurs Conference and now Focus On Business Owners Network LLC (FOBO Network). This is a very exciting time as we grow and Focus On YOU!

Our CEO: Juliann Nichols

Part creative ninja, part connector and mentor, serial entrepreneur – Juliann Nichols is a native of Kansas City and founded Focus on YOU Strategy in 2007, after perceiving the need for a proactive business advisor who challenges the status quo, asks the right questions, and adds value at every interaction. With over 35 years’ entrepreneurial experience, including a disc jockey, private investigator and handbag designer, Juliann Nichols walks her talk by cultivating a personal brand that demonstrates who she is, no matter what she’s doing. Her commitment to the success of others shines through every conversation, and the most common phrase during any meeting is, “What can I do for you?” She also brings that passion to her charitable and community endeavors as an active member of the USF Women in Leadership and Philanthropy, Powerstories Theatre, Board of Directors and Advisory Council for the Women’s Business Center. She is currently mentoring a Girl Scout for her Gold Award, the highest achievement in Girl Scouts. Her latest endeavor has her partnering with Shark Tank’s, Kevin Harrington on Focus On Business Owners (FOBO) Network, an entrepreneurial ecosystem where business owners realize success through collaboration, supporting a diverse community with access to meaningful connections and an exchange of knowledge in the spirit of co-opetition.

How May We Help You?

At Focus On You Strategy, we provide coaching that empowers individuals and groups to unlock hidden potential, discover new ways of thinking, clarify goals and develop strategies to grow, earn and achieve more in their careers and businesses. In other words, we help bring out the CEO in you. Located in Tampa, Florida, Focus On You Strategy is not your run-of-the-mill, cookie-cutter business coaching service. Our team of tried-and-tested professionals and entrepreneurs draw from real-life experiences and expertise. We don’t follow a one-size-fits-all program – we start where you are and are a committed partner on your individual path to success. In our overall approach, we are respectful, upbeat and encouraging. We’re also honest and direct, because we’re serious about helping you achieve your goals – are you?


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Client Relations Manager

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Corporate & Franchise Strategist


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Creator of Opportunities
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